Sunday, 20 October 2013

COTW #38 - Back Wrap Cross Carry

by Aline Kelly

The Back Wrap Cross Carry (BWCC) is the exact reverse of the Front Wrap Cross Carry. It is a back carry that consists of a horizontal pass and two cross passes.

General instructions:
- Get baby on your back using your preferred method, create a deep seat from knee to knee, and bring both tails UNDER your arms.
- Securing one tail, spread the other tail diagonally across your chest and up over the opposite shoulder.
- Spread the wrap down across baby's back and bum and tuck it under the opposite knee. 
- Secure this tail and repeat these instructions on the other side. 
- Tie a double knot in front. 

- Instead of crossing the passes on your chest, you can tie a half knot or do a twist. 

Photo and video instructions:

Sweetheart BWCC 
This is a popular recent variation of the BWCC. It recreates the look of the sweetheart necklines you see on dresses and gowns. (emwhist)  -  despite wonky sound, this is considered THE instructional video for Sweetheart BWCC. 

Melissa's Sweetheart BWCC (sling ring required): 

Xena BWCC (ring at chest):

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