Thursday, 10 October 2013

Thursday Thought: We All Get A High Five!

The below was found on a Facebook post..... if you are Lauren Sperber Bartlett, thank you so much for your words! Please let us know if you'd rather we didn't share here!

"Musings on Bjorns during a 1am nursing session..... I remember the delight I felt, as a new first time mom, when I first felt brave enough to step away from my Brest friend and wear my baby in my inherited bjorn Air. I rocked that thing. We were BOSS in it. I remember the delighted look on the old ladies faces at the grocery store when we went by, my cute babe and I. I was so proud of myself and my little one. And then when she got old enough, she faced out and we would dance down the aisles. I would hold her little hands and bob back and forth and soak up her little giggles....That bjorn air got me through a vacation with the in laws (oye) and helped solidify my path down attachment parenting. We graduated from our bjorn when my shoulders said "no more please" and found our way to MTs and RSs and wraps and SSCs.....(it's true I have too many, but I'll deny it if you ever tell my husband I said that!!)..,. It's true with my second child, I have made different baby wearing choices, but the saying goes as you know better, you do better...
I see new moms looking boss in their harness carriers and I know where they are at. They are doing the best they can with what they know. Who could ever fault a woman for that? They aren't to be ridiculed and pitied, they are ROCKING that thing. They have empowered themselves and have stepped away from the carseat. They are doing what feels natural even if it is scary (um, hello EVERYTHING parenting!) How horrified would I have been to know i was babywearing all "wrong", that I was being silently judged .... Hell no. High five those mamas.Welcome them to the babywearing community. Invite them to your groups meeting. We are strong and resourceful women. Rock your own carriers, be boss in them. And perhaps most of all be approachable and friendly. Be a resource. Don't pity their choices and surely don't feel sorry for their babe. That kids going to be just fine....."
--Lauren Sperber Bartlett

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