Monday, 7 October 2013

My (Minimalist) Stash Monday: Adrienne's Stash

My Stash: an Ergo Baby!

That's it.

We had one of everything to start. All the carriers were hand me downs from friends. Landing on the Ergo was a process of elimination. The pocket sling baby didn't dig, same for the ring sling. The stretchy wrap was good, but we never figured out how to get baby in (and more importantly out!) quickly. Hubby liked the Baby Bjorn, but carrying our little big guy soon began to give us headaches. By this time baby was 4 months and 14 lbs. I had an Ergo on loan from a friend, and even though he had good head support, I was afraid that he wasn't big enough to spread his legs the width of the seat – and he certainly didn't want his legs in anymore!! Then I found this "hack" to make the seat a little narrower for my guy.

We've not looked back since. At around 10 months, we started attempting back carries and are feeling more and more confident each day (12 mos now).

I love the Ergo because we can quickly pass from parent to parent to grandparent. It is fast to adjust and the learning curve is short. Looking back, I think we might have overcome the learning curve on the other carriers with a little more support. But keeping it simple has worked for us.

There is lots of support for babywearing with the full spectrum of carriers here in Ottawa. Local babywearers can attend any of our weekly babywearing meets, details of which can be found in the 'events' tab on the Ottawa Babywearing Group Facebook page. Families can also visit with Milkface (Bank St, Old Ottawa South and Churchill Ave N, Westboro) or Extraordinary Baby Shoppe (Hintonburg) for support. If you are struggling with a carrier that is new to you please let us know so we can help you enjoy the wonderful practice of babywearing!

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