Thursday, 17 October 2013

Thursday Thought: Rascism In Babywearing

by Tami Grosset

I just stumbled upon this blog and I wonder what our OBGers think of it, especially our black and asian members.

Are we appropriating someone else's culture when we wear our babies or are we just doing what we feel is right and natural for our child?

Do the black and asian cultures hold all the rights to babywearing? Or did 'pre-Victorian' mothers wear their babies in white working class Britain and Europe?

Or is this just another battle in the perennial mummy wars? Instead or 'stroller mums' against 'babywearing mums' or 'bottle feeding mums' against 'nursing mums' or 'SAHMs' against 'workplace mums'..... now we have 'mama's of colour' against 'white mamas'?

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