Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Spooky Babywearing!!

by Tami Grosset

Its the time of year when we all get to dress up in crazy, silly and sometimes spooky costumes and why should you and your worn baby miss out? Well, I can't think of a good reason so here is a collection of some great babywearing costumes that you and your little one can enjoy this Halloween.

This pic was found on the Risaroo FB page
By adding some felt cut out eyes and mouth to your green Ergo Performance (which I think is the perfect colour for this costume) your bub instantly becomes a little green monster (and you the Momster!!)

OBGer Kat with her little bag of popcorn!
This was a simple no sew costume that could attach to any kind of carrier, and a cheap baby hat with pom poms, or even real popcorn stuck on creating the illusion of yummy popcorn!!

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!
 The 6 month old baby here is being worn in an Ergo Baby. She is wearing a baby hat on which was glued an AWFUL LOT of braided yellow yarn, tied with bows occasionally. Tied on to the carrier is 'the castle'. The braided hair is draped around and hanging down from the crenellations and ivy is growing up the side of the tower. The older child was meant to be the Knight In Shining Armour but he changed his mind at the last minute!!

Ingrid and her baby lobster!

This mama chef wore a chef's hat and a large mens dress shirt (to look like chef whites). The baby was worn in a SSC on which was tied a silver foil covered card that bent around the carrier. Baby is wearing the cutest lobster costume!! Never mind new baby smell.... I'm thinking garlic butter!!

Alyson Hannigan wearing her wee roo!
This pic from last years Halloween shows celeb Alyson Hannigan dressed as a Kanga while her bub is dressed as a Roo, safely worn in a carrier that allows a forward facing out position. I have to say that the thing that makes this image for me is the suit-wearing dad wearing the kangaroo hat and possibly the worlds biggest grin!!

This HAS to be my all time favourite babywearing Halloween costume!! Just perfect for the Ottawa Zombie Walk!

This costume kept both mama and bub warm on a cool Halloween night here in Ottawa. White chain stitch cobweb over a dark knitted babywearing poncho (would work just as well over a dark shawl) and a home made crocheted spider hat.

Is the babywearing force strong with you?!
And another back carry friendly costume would be the 'Luke Skywalker carries Yoda' look, which would be simple with a mai tei or SSC and a cute knitted or crocheted Yoda hat for the bub. This costume might be THE one to get daddy excited about babywearing this Halloween!

Photo by Jenna Sparks Bradbury
Of course if you want to keep things simple you could just use this awesome 'Calavaras' MT from Babyhawk.....

... or if you're super lucky, you might find this beautiful yet fitting Lenny Lamb woven wrap on your doorstep, from Wrap Your Baby.

Please share with us you Halloween Babywearing costumes and keep an eye out for any costume competitions. In the past both Pax Baby and Wrap Your Baby have run Halloween competitions... so much fun!

Whichever costume you and your little ones dress up in this Halloween, we at Ottawa Babywearing Group wish you all a very happy Halloween and a great deal of treats!!

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  1. I love these baby wearing costumes--especially the popcorn one and the zombie one.