Thursday, 24 October 2013

Thursday Thought: Generational Wearing

by Tami Grosset

One of the most memorable experiences from my days working at Milkface (a local babywearing and natural parenting store) was when a grandmother came in to ask about our selection of soft structured carriers. She thought it would be a great way for her to care for her grandchild when her daughter needed a break.

Babywearing is not just for the parents, as wearers. Very often the next people to care for a baby, after the parents, are the grandparents and why should they not get in on the act? For grandparents with arthritic hands ring slings or tied mai teis, rather than buckle carriers, might be preferable but generally a carrier will be easier on an older body than carrying in arms, just as it is for parents.

Very often Granny and Gramps get a bad rep. We hear too often stories of grandparents bemoaning the practice of babywearing. 'You're spoiling him by holding him close all the time.' 'She'll never learn to walk.' 'It must be putting a lot of strain on your body.' A baby is not a piece of fruit and will not spoil by touching, of course she'll learn to walk and wearing my baby puts a lot less strain on my joints than carrying her in arms.


There are many grandparents out there who have embraced babywearing, and other forms of natural parenting. These wonderful grannies and grampies are not only supporting the parents in the way they are choosing to raise their children. They are also really enjoying the wonderful snuggliness that babywearing allows.

We applaud you Babywearing Granny and Babywearing Gramps! Thank you for sharing the babywearing love with us and thank you for your support!

Who else is wearing your baby?

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