Sunday, 27 October 2013

COTW #39- Double Hammock Double Rings

by Aline Kelly

Double Hammock Double Rings (DH-DR) is an short version of Double Hammock that is secured with two sling rings, one at either shoulder. You can generally tie this carry with a much shorter wrap than you would use to tie a regular Double Hammock, often a size 2, 3, or 4 woven wrap will suffice nicely. 

General instructions:
- These instructions assume you know how to tie a regular Double Hammock. The only difference will be that your chest pass should remain bunched instead of spread. 
- When you get to the stage of the cheerleader pull, bring both tails over your shoulders. 
- Securing one tail, feed a sling ring up the other tail until it is high on your chest. 
- Keeping the ring high and out of the way, tuck this tail underneath your chest pass.
- Lower the ring down so it is at the crossing point of the two passes, hanging over the horizontal pass. 
- Tuck the hanging pass up through the ring, from back to front, and tighten by pulling downward.
- You can tighten this cross to the chest level that you prefer by holding the hanging tail and moving your ring up or down.
- Repeat the ring instructions for the other side. 

Photo instructions:

Video instructions: (emwhist) - To skip to the ring tutorial, fast forward to 3:45

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